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Welcome to the Custom Lighting section of VintageMica.com. I have been selling antique mica lamps for nearly 5 years and have gotten many inquiries if I have ever investigated the possibility of coming up with a line of commercial mica lighting options which would have a nod to the past and focus on sconces, pendants and ceiling fixtures. I sat down with a designer and we looked at many of the lamps and shades of the antique lamps and directed her to come up with some sketches that might give some credence and ideas as to what could possibly be done. The images you see on this page are a result of that process. I have located an artist that works in mica and specializes in custom farbication. If you see something here that appeals to you or would like to investigate the possibilities of incorporating custom mica lighting for a home or commercial appication, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss it with you. Thanks for looking.